Join us in this episode with Ryan Hildebrandt, Founder of Sales at Viral Message Lab and TEDx event organizer. Ryan helps professionals find and articulate their 1-in-a-billion message so they can position themselves as thought leaders and go-to experts, book TEDx talks, and have audiences take action. Ryan describes his experience building a professional network in England by planning a TEDx event from scratch, as well as the tactics and reasoning behind how he marketed the (sold out) TEDx event.


Learn what led Ryan to be interested in marketing and the psychology behind marketing from a career in engineering, how Ryan thinks about building and creating great ideas, and how he built credibility and found opportunities in his career.


Do you have great ideas but have difficulty in finding great opportunities? Tune in to learn an expert’s methods for acting on ideas and creating opportunities for growth!


Listen in every Friday as we release new interviews with experts to help you maximize your impact and be a Hustler for a Cause!



Notable Quotes

  •         “Just because something has good software or is technically correct, is doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for the problem.”                            - Ryan Hildebrandt
  •         “People aren’t buying the speakers, they can get the speakers and ideas for free online, at their convenience. Why would you try to market to them and get them to buy tickets for the speakers? … Basically, what people were paying for is the experience of being in the same room as all the smartest people in your town… like who knows what could happen!”                                         - Ryan Hildebrandt
  •         “Your opportunities in life are a function of the quality of your ideas as people are seeing them and the number of people that are exposed to those ideas.”         

         - Ryan Hildebrandt



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