Headphones in and Volume up! This week on Hustlers for a Cause we have a legendary Radio host Kris Gunn, showing us what it means to truly dive into your passions. This Boston native has always taken life by the horns and truly embodied the entrepreneurial spirit. Moving out on his own at 19 to pursue a career in radio or television- Gunn is no stranger to a lot of hustling. The host of the wildly popular “Afterglow” radio show on iHeartRadio, has seen his fair share of struggles, failures and successes along the way. 


From a segment that ran at maximum 15 mins in the afternoon, to a 3 hour morning must have; Gunn and his partners Nataly, and Eileen are in high demand every weekday morning. The glamor and success of Afterglow, hasn’t isolated Kris and his team from reality though. These individuals are incredibly conscientious of their success, and are constantly giving back in their communities. Due to Covid19, many Afterglow listeners across the nation were negatively impacted, causing the hosts to question how they could truly help their audience. This radio program stepped up and directly helped their listeners for months, connecting individuals who wrote in with programs and funds that could help alleviate the financial burdens many faced. All of this was done under the radar, and done only to help others. Join us this week and see how Kris Gunn is a champion for the underdogs and hustles for his dreams. 


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