This week's episode of “Hustlers for a Cause” has an incredible conversation with activist, PR mogul, and entrepreneur Tracy Lamourie. Join us as we delve into the causes that drive her to create a better world, and just what she thinks others should be doing in order to achieve it. 


Everyone has something they are passionate about. A topic that energizes you to go out and change the world. For Tracy Lamourie it was a death penalty case regarding a young man named Jimmy Dennis. At 28 years old she and her husband fell into the spotlight thanks to their passion for abolishing the death penalty. Which they broadcasted on their radio show in Toronto Canada. Through the journey fighting to abolish the death penalty, save an innocent mans life, and give voices to those silenced. The Lamouries were led into the world of Public Relations and set off a career that would eventually span the globe. Lamourie Media, recently coined, has won accolades, awards, and attention all because of the solid foundation Lamourie laid when getting involved with the death penalty conversation. A foundation based on the strong sense that justice, fairness, and equality are basic rights to which everyone is entitled to have. Her senses most certainly have a track record for being correct, as Mr. Dennis was exonerated in 2017 after serving 25 years for a crime he didn’t commit. He is now back to recording and producing music thanks to the attention and dedication of people's passion for justice. 


So join us today with an exclusive look into what can happen when you chose to follow your passion and where it can lead you too. 


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