Join us in this episode with Nir Bashan, world-renowned Creativity Consultant, Author, and Founder and CEO of The Creator Mindset, to hear his candid thoughts on creativity, the creative process, and the positive changes in the world that come from creativity. He explains his research on why most people in business have lost touch with their creative side and his thoughts on why creativity is important now more than ever, especially during covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Nir speaks on why he wrote his book The Creator Mindset and how the creative system he developed works.


Learn the importance of balancing the creative and the analytic, along with the one thing Nir believes everyone in the world could do differently to help them realize where they need to go and what they need to do. Stay tuned for Nir’s brutally honest thoughts on overcoming writer’s blocks and the worldwide ripple effects of the enterprise system.


Nir believes it’s our moral obligation to express ourselves creatively. Do you agree? Listen in every Friday as we release new interviews with experts to help you maximize your impact and be a Hustler for a Cause.



Notable Quotes

  • “For me, data is nothing if it’s not turned into information and information is a creative mindset.”                                                                         - Nir Bashan
  • “What I see when I’m out there consulting and talking to different businesses… is just complacency, comfort, and the prevalence of an attitude that is like ‘hey, we’re cool, everything is fine, this is going to last forever,’ yet for me, creativity is something that enables every business and even every career… to get you there without complacency and without resting on a previous success.”                                     - Nir Bashan
  • “When you’re able to envision things with a creator mindset, you start to see the world as it can be… not like it is. When you see things as they can be, you open up and unlock potential for solving problems. We need potential right now more than anything.”                                                                                     - Nir Bashan



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