Welcome back to part two of our exclusive interview with entrepreneur and climate change activist James McWalter. In our first episode two weeks ago we got an inside look into a fascinating field that has rapidly grown within the past few decades as our impact as humans becomes more apparent. One result of the negative human impact is carbon emissions. Tons, and tons, and tons of carbon emissions. Clouding the atmosphere, causing temperature, ecological and oceanic changes that will ultimately destroy life as we know it. 


That's where James comes in. Inspired by the impending problems facing down humanity, James created a goal to help reduce 1 gigaton of carbon in our atmosphere. That’s essentially 1/40th of all carbon that is in Earths’ atmosphere. The current plan to achieve this goal is through restructuring our agricultural practices through a technique called regenerative agriculture. 


Join us as we discuss how Facebook plays a large role in farmers communication, planning and communities. Why so many in this crucial circle become defensive about farming practices and their contributions to potential change. James’s advice on how to become a carbon reducing consumer with your foods in easy steps (spoiler alert- red meat is NOT off the menu); and how you as an entrepreneur, aspiring business person, and passion follower can structure your priorities. 



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