This episode on “Hustlers for a Cause” features James McWalter, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and advocate for sustainability. Illuminating his new business, CleanTech,  James aims for his new company to reduce global carbon emissions by 1 gigaton. Achieving this through a more holistic, well rounded approach to farming that could end up seriously reducing the impact of food on our atmosphere. 

Listen to Part 1 of our in-depth interview on how a young farmer and butcher from Ireland became inspired to make a lasting impact for generations to come. This episode covers his humble beginnings, the academic and professional excellence he pursued, and a first hand look at what inspired him to tackle climate change and global emissions. Learn how community, education, and connection have drastically changed the view on how farming should be done instead of how it is done today. Join us in understanding just how impactful our choices, communication, and weeds could potentially change the face of farming.

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