Join us in this episode with Dr. Dawn Carpenter, Host of "What Does It Profit?". A podcast that investigates the social and moral value of business. Dr. Carpenter has an extensive background in finance and currently researches the nature of work and the responsibilities of wealth. Her true purpose is determining if capitalism can be a real force for good in the world.


Learn about the role of contributive justice theory in society, how community development banking works to benefit marginalized communities, and her candid thoughts on whether or not capitalism is to blame for political and economic challenges, as well as the Robinhood/Gamestop situation. Dr. Dawn Carpenter also speaks on the contents of her soon to be published book- "Contributive Justice", which you’ll definitely want to get your hands on.


Does justice fundamentally mean we need to have the same values?


Can we have justice without shared values?


Tune in to hear Dr. Carpenter’s thoughts on these questions, along with the patterns and lessons from history we’re seeing in action now and the importance of studying human types. 


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Notable Quotes

  • “We have the right to be able to contribute to the work in the world, but think about all the ways we are inhibited from doing that. We don’t live in a safe community, we don’t have adequate education or clean air, clean water, all the things that make it problematic to be the best versions of ourselves. Those are contributive injustices.”                                                                                     - Dawn Carpenter
  • “I just want everyone that ever meets me or listens to me on a podcast or hears me speak or reads something that I write… I want them to understand that no matter who they are or what they do, their life matters.”                                                                                                                                                 - Dawn Carpenter



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