How do we best adapt to “the new normal” while remaining in a growth mindset?

Join us in this episode with Robert Paulson, Executive Coach and Make a Wish volunteer, as we discuss the shifts occurring as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Robert details the importance of technology, local communities, taking care of our health and relationships, as well as resilience and leadership during this time. He shares how he is using physical activity, emotional intelligence, and nutrition to foster success in youth.


Learn how to embrace coaching, overcome attachment, and reframe challenges as opportunities to grow, while having the confidence to take a risk and learn along the way. 


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Notable Quotes

  • “I used to think that if I was able to overcome challenge, that life would be free of them… but the longer you go through life, you start to realize that challenges are a part of life and there are things that we should really embrace, because through every one of my challenges, I can say honestly, I’ve grown.”     - Robert Paulson
  • “I look at Status as almost a reminder, that we should be doing good things for ourselves and others, that’s really what success is all about. But when you bring up sustainability, there’s a lot of different ways of looking at sustainability and sustainability to me, has a lot to do with creating a business that’s gonna help me grow and it’s gonna help others grow too.”    - Robert Paulson
  • “Life’s not about me, but it involves me.”    - Robert Paulson


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