Who wants to be working 20 hours a day? Wouldn’t you want to be able to work 5 hours a day doing something you love and still have time to spend with your family or doing your hobbies? Join us in this episode with Russell Nohelty, USA Today Best-Selling Author, Publisher, Consultant, and Podcaster, to hear his candid thoughts on all things entrepreneurship, including Gary Vee and the concept of “hustling”. Russell speaks on being ruthless to your career and the causes you support, having narrow focus and cutting away things that don’t work, and figuring out what excites you in life. He divulges his secret to being a successful entrepreneur and lessons he’s learned from releasing several books.


Learn the power in underleveraging yourself until the next great opportunity arises, powerful tips for being more efficient as an entrepreneur, and why entrepreneurs must work to overcome the fear of letting go.


Success and failure are not binary and they do not determine your self-worth. Listen in every Friday as we release new interviews with experts to help you maximize your impact and be a Hustler for a Cause.



Notable Quotes

  • “I have multiple projects going on and I’m building on top of it, but everything that I’m doing in building and building and building on the things that came before it, so that I can keep using the assets that already built and everything gets exponentially less complicated and easier the more times you go back to that same wealth.”             - Russell Nohelty
  • “When you only wanna do stuff for five hours a day, it really like cuts the amount of bullshit that you’re willing to do. I’m to do stuff that will move me forward and not move me sideways.”                                                                         - Russell Nohelty
  • “The problem with most entrepreneurs is they’re always staying at the same level because they’re so overleveraged that they cannot take advantage of the thing that will take them to the next level.”                                                             - Russell Nohelty



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