What does it take for an internet entrepreneur to achieve success? Why do we need to pay so much attention to our customers’ desires? Join us in this episode with James Mulvany, Founder of Radio.co, Podcast.co, and MatchMaker.fm to hear how he naturally fell into the entrepreneurial world and how he broke into the radio industry and bootstrapped his way to success. James details the evolution he underwent from Wavestreaming into Radio.co, along with how customer feedback and data inspired that evolution and the creation of his other platforms. He addresses some of the biggest challenges that he’s faced when trying to grow his businesses and potential challenges he could face regarding keeping his platforms successful and keeping up the quality of guests and podcasters. Don’t miss his candid thoughts on Joe Rogan signing a deal with Spotify and why it might change the landscape of podcasting!


Learn what it takes to be successful as a podcaster and how to get listeners, why podcasting is such a great mechanism for sharing your message, and the value in listening to your customers. James also offers powerful advice for people who are starting a business or in a job they’re not happy with. 


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Notable Quotes

  • “The podcasting is the people’s media. I like the fact, personally, that it’s on all these different platforms and you’re not at the mercy of a big corporate. Now I think Spotify is really trying their best to gobble up as much of the market as they can.” - James Mulvany
  • “If you can help people spread their message or share their passion for a particular subject or particular type of music, that’s providing a service which they find very valuable, but not only the person that’s actually broadcasting, it’s the audience that’s receiving that information, or entertainment, or that news as well. The internet has always been a good tool to kinda do that. For me, it’s an exciting place to be.” - James Mulvany


Reference Links

  • James website: www.jamesm.com/connect
  • Connect with him on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jamesmulvany
  • Visit our website: www.hustlersforacause.com
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