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How does one find consistent fulfillment as an entrepreneur, even through all the ups and downs?

Join us in this episode with Ben Ivey (aka The Fulfillment Expert), Podcast Host, Speaker, and Coach at Entrepreneur Lifestyle, to hear what his journey to becoming a coach looked like and what his biggest challenge is looking ahead. Ben shares moving stories of his dad’s impact on the world and how his last conversation with him, before he committed suicide, impacted his life as an entrepreneur and coach. He describes what he does when he encounters people experiencing suicidal ideation and what he does to move them to a space of gratitude, including giving them a compelling future and focusing on their essence as a human being.


Stay tuned to hear Ben’s candid thoughts on what it means to be a Fulfillment Expert and what he enjoys most about it, emphasizing the core elements of fulfillment. He speaks on the importance of entrepreneurs having a support system of people that they can talk to about their life and entrepreneurial journey and touches on how he opens up and resonates with people in those crucial conversations.


Learn who the off-stage Ben really is, what makes his system unique and how he applies it to teaching other coaches. Ben also offers powerful advice for setting lifestyle boundaries to avoid having your energy drained and we even run through a mini coaching scenario!


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Notable Quotes

  • “One of the biggest challenges I see is that, as entrepreneurs, I see people so focused on this destination, they often miss the journey that is entrepreneurship.”                 - Ben Ivey
  • “Ultimately for me, it’s being able to consistently impact people online in the same way that I did offline and I’m telling you now, this is a huge challenge. I’ve done so many different Zoom workshops and events recently and I still have not nailed it… and I don’t think I ever will because I don’t feel the same impact-wise as when someone is in front of me… and that’s from the speaking side of things.                                                                                                 - Ben Ivey
  • “We really don’t know what our own realities are. I would 100% say so have fun, relax, go out in nature, away from screens and actually connect with other people. I think that’s one of the best things we need now more than ever.”                                                                 - Ben Ivey



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