What does it really mean to be a great leader?  Join us in this episode with Adam Mendler, the host of 30 Minute Mentors (https://www.adammendler.com/podcast), as he discusses leadership and what it takes to develop a highly successful business.  Learn how to uncover what makes you unique, what it really means to lead, and the framework you can use to build a highly successful business.


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Notable Quotes

  • “I was like Tony Phillips and that I was the most competitive guy on the diamond. I was the most competitive guy in the clubhouse. I would breathe fire. I wasn't the most talented guy. I wasn't. Mike Trout, Alex Rodriguez, Webber.”
  • “You're probably bad at most things in life. You have that one thing that makes you special. A superpower. Find it, discover it. Get on that journey of discovery. Take the time to really figure out what it is about you that makes you special. Ask people around you. Ask your loved ones. Ask your friends, ask anyone. You can get an answer. The answer probably isn't that I'm good at soccer or good cooking. I'm good at something superficial. Probably something deeper. Uncover it.  The more quickly you can figure out what it is about you that makes you special, that’s the place to be. I really hope listeners take that to heart.”

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