Join us in this episode with Jermane Cheathem, Director of Sales at Dao Financial Solutions and minimalist entrepreneur who has tackled the skill of maximizing opportunities. Jermane explains what minimalism and minimalist entrepreneurship is, along with how he leverages minimalism to maximize the impact of his work days. He touches on how his background as a racially mixed person growing up in a broken home has impacted his life and career path. Jermane also shares his candid thoughts on identity, following fear, and approaching the dichotomy of living a normal life of being accepted by society and living a daring life of being different.


Learn how Jermane distinguishes what is and isn’t worth pursuing in life, the one fear he’s most proud of facing and overcoming, as well as powerful advice on finding potential partners and clients. You’ll hear about his challenge with showing up authentically in addition to what his platform, Creators Learn, offers for entrepreneurs and creators.


Do you have a fear of cold calling, being rejected, or coming off as being too salesy? Stick around for Jermane’s valuable insight into the mindset shift that’s needed to be a successful, yet authentic salesperson.


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Notable Quotes

  • “I’ve only done one thing as far as entrepreneurship, I’ve stuck in the same industry, the same business model, for 18 years now… because it works! Why would I deviate and start doing other things that don’t give me the same leverage points?”

- Jermaine Cheathem

  • “You’re the only real author of your story and some people follow their story and they actually fulfill it and some people run from it… I always follow my fear.”                                                                                                 - Jermaine Cheathem
  • “An entrepreneur always feels like there’s something they can do better, but sometimes some things are better left undone.”             - Jermaine Cheathem



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