Do you struggle to implement data analytics in an effective way or just want to know a good place to start? Join us in this episode with Emily Kund, Founder of Analytics to Inform, as we discuss the beauty of data analytics with insights into the ways solopreneurs and small companies can use data to grow their business. She shares her candid thoughts on what ROI they can expect from these practices, as well as her thoughts on business in the era of Corona virus. Emily talks about what inspired her to become an entrepreneur and details her evolution from working at a bank to starting her own data visualization training company. She shares the story behind the launch of her initiative, Pretty Strong Smart, which was founded in 2016 to empower women and girls to live happy, healthy lives through outreach and scholarships, as well as what the future holds for it.


Learn why quizzes are data goldmines and great lead magnets, as well as one thing you can do right now to launch your business to new heights. 


Listen in every Friday as we release new interviews with experts to help you maximize your impact and be a Hustler for a Cause.


Notable Quotes

“I always like to have data informed decisions, but I think one of the biggest things is just to be open and curious, and that I think will win the day.” - Emily Kund


“The lead magnet part is the fun part. It’s like the party invitation where you’re inviting people over, but what makes them stay at the party is the information. It’s like they told you in the invitation, “Oh I want the vegetable platter and I want smoked sausage and I want this and that,” and so then you serve them up all of the things that they just talked about, whether that’s through your social media posts, another freebie, your podcast episode, a paid service or product, and so that’s why they’re super effective.”

- Emily Kund

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