This week's episode is a deep dive into Polymaths, individuals who embody the quote “Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one.” Which our guest Dustin Miller has modeled his entire life and career around. Carving his own path is something Miller is familiar with, and the niche world he has carved out now has plenty of space and a well worn path for others to discover and follow. 


Come with us as we tour the inspirations, motivations, and ideas behind Dustin’s PolyInnovator- a Omni-Support channel depicting his journey to becoming a polymath and the skills he’s picking up along the way. This endeavor stemmed from many years and frustrations of having so many platforms and modes of communication. Miller, like many polymaths and go-getters, took matters into his own hands and created the space he had dreamed of for years. The self-teaching tool has enabled Miller and his followers access to hundreds of videos, guides, and other documentation of the learning processes that he experienced. 


This entire project is based off of a simple premise, and that premise is that “Power of Choice is Key” to anyone's success. Driven forward by the desire to become a better individual, Miller has been pushing boundaries for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. After building his own computer at age ten, it may seem like this bogging guru has continued to build his life and pursue progress at every turn.


So dive into this episode and learn how human nature is inherently polymathic, and how our problems can be solved in surprising ways. 


Notable Quotes:


“Polymathic is human nature. Some more than others like da vinci are super polymaths. Many of us are polymaths without even realizing it.”

  • Dustin Miller


“If you can “cross pollinate” with the knowledge and innovation of other areas of expertise you already have. You can overcome and blow past the roadblock. It may seem circular but it ends up becoming the way to grow in different categories.”


“#makeachange - wants to help the world become a type 1 civilization- our species is lame and choosing the wrong items to focus on.”


“Strategyx automation.x execution= success”


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