This week's episode is a fantastic story of pure grit and dedication. Monique Idemudia, creator of Dragon Digital Marketing, pursued her dreams and what started as a side hustle is now her full time job. This company- with a name inspired by Idemudia’s bearded dragon Horatio- aids small businesses in growing. Growing her clients dream companies is an inspiring and incredibly rewarding opportunity for Monique as she personally knows how it is to hustle for something she believes in.  

Idemudia worked a full time job, and full time on her side hustle- which would become Dragon Digital Marketing - resulting in over a year of 80 hour work weeks. This hard work has not gone unnoticed and Monique has received several awards including the “Best Agency in St. Petersburg” within her first few years of operation. 


Monique’s advice for those looking to pursue their passion? 

Be strategic 

Be mindful of your choices and actions - it can save you a lot of time down the road

Look at your circle and keep it positive, have people challenge you but don’t allow others to tear you down.

Learn from others mistakes- you don't have to make them yourself

No “lone wolf” Mentality 


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