Welcome to this week's Hustlers For A Cause!! Today we sat down with an incredible individual who not only walks the walk, but allows others to talk. Zachary Smith is the Head of Growth at “SickBird Productions” a content creation company located in Toronto, New York, and LA. Additionally, Zach is the founder and CEO of “Wrong Generation”, a company who repurposes damaged vinyl records with the intention of creating a beautiful second life for the record, and saving it from the landfill. 


This episode covers a deep dive into the events and motivations that have positioned this promising entrepreneur on a path to success. Despite personal mental health challenges and a wayward period of time during college. Zach has found his creative callings with SickBird and Wrong Generations and has pursued several paths less traveled, including the Pacific Crest Trail. Listen in to the life lessons and glean some crucial knowledge in pursuing passions and finding yourself when the traditional paths don’t always lead. 


Jump in with us as we discuss the many facets of who Zach is, and why he is a Hustler for cause we can all support. 

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