How do we improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society without letting our privilege or bias get in the way? Join us in this episode with Daniel Holley, Performance and Life Coach with focus in quality, equity, and social cohesion, as we discuss identity, privilege, diversity, and social cohesion. Daniel describes how he noticed the faults in the coaching industry, one of which is not being able to talk about identity, such as sexuality or race. He details his inspiration for his practice and how he experiences self-love and privilege, while pondering how much harder it is for people who don’t experience privilege to go through that journey to find joy. Why isn’t diversity and equality working yet and how do we frame diversity in terms of business?


Learn what companies need to implement to promote diversity and inclusion, including onboarding practices and workplace culture, and how you can use a survey to improve workplace culture and make sure your employees’ values align with your company’s values.


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Notable Quotes

  • “Coaching is a lot of listening, really a lot of active listening… and I thought, how many people out there who have been, let’s say a woman being coached by a man, black person, gay, bi, trans, whatever, who have been coached and haven’t really been heard because of their experiences as said identity? How many of them have not actually had their fullest potential been brought out because their coach believes that those things are not important in terms of that person’s goals, desires, barriers, etc.” - Daniel Holley
  • “Time and time again it’s been proven that we do better when we come together. What we have yet to see is how much better we can do when we’ve got a truly beautifully mixed bag of societies pulling together to achieve something.”   - Daniel Holley



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